Understanding Search Results

    Name:  There are five main types of documents

  • Minutes

  •     o   Confirmed Minutes 2010-03-08

  • Agenda

        o   Summary agenda, Electronic agenda, etc.

  • Report

        o   LPT2009-39, FB2000-01, N2007-01, etc.

  • Attachment

        o   LPT2008-39 Att. 1

  • Bylaw

        o   Final - 17P2007, 26M96 - Traffic - Consolidated


       Location:  There are four location types 

  • Meeting  indicates Council meetings

        o   Regular Council, Combined Council

  • SPC indicates Standing Policy Committees

        o   CPS: Community and Protective Services

  • Committee indicates a sub-committee of Council

        o   Audit Committee

  • Bylaw indicates Final and Consolidated Bylaws


        Size: Agendas from 1996-2002 include all reports and attachments in one document and will take longer to load.

               A search needs to be done within those documents in order to locate specific report.

        Note: Documents  prior to 1995 are references to microfilm.

        Use the <<Next Page>> and <<Previous Page>> to navigate search results.